Design the Movie Trailer

Goal: Design a movie trailer for the book, regardless if the book has been adapted into a movie.
Due Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 by Midnight.

          1. Maximum trailer length is 3 minutes.
          2. Only original footage and images may be used.  Pictures of the book, copyrighted images or videos are grounds for disqualification.
          3. iMovie, Movie Maker, etc. templates are allowed.
          4. Do not identify your school name.
          5. Must be uploaded to South Hills Lit Fest Youtube channel. Teachers, contact Andrew Capretto for details.
          6. Trailers must be PG rated.  No acts of self-harm, graphic language or profanity may be included. Videos including any such content will be disqualified.
          1. Each team may vote for one video that they think is the best in their division.
          2. Teams are not permitted to vote for their trailers from their own school.
          3. Voting window will be open from November 13th until November 17th.
          4. Teachers, contact Andrew Capretto for your voting ballot.


Middle School Trailers

High School Trailers